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Department of Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Sciences is one of the largest departments in the faculty of science. It was formed in 1997 from the amalgamation of three existing departments: Zoology, Botany/Microbiology, and Biochemistry. The Departments of Zoology and Botany & Microbiology were one of the first Science Departments; they were formed when the University was formed in 1966.  The Department of Biochemistry came later in 1977. Today, the Department of Biological Sciences contains five programs: Biochemistry, Botany, Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Zoology. 

The Department of Biological Sciences offers various courses to students majoring in biological sciences, and to those minoring from other departments and faculties. A typical four year program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.).  In addition, masters of Science degrees are also offered (M.Sc.).  The department offers a range of course from basic biology courses intended as general courses for non specialist students to advanced specialized courses in various biology disciplines (e.g. molecular biology, endocrinology, metabolism, ecology and biodeterioration). The Department has 28 state-of-the-art student laboratories.  In addition, the department has several specialized units for teaching and research support such as the animal house, the marine unit, the herbarium, growth chambers, micro-techniques and photography facilities.

Upon successful completion of their degrees, undergraduate and graduate students from the Department of Biological Sciences continue to serve Kuwait by working in either the public or private sector.  Public job opportunities include:  teaching/research assistant at Kuwait University, research at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait Ministry of Health, Public Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries, and Kuwait Forensic Crime Laboratory. 

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